Summer travel essential beach hat, light refuse to turn black charcoal

2023-03-15 09:12:41

For many MM, the focus of summer work in addition to sun or sun protection, sunglasses to wear, umbrellas up, sunscreen wipe up... But in addition to these, sunscreen hat is also essential, it not only helps you, but also can dress up beautifully, become an eye attraction. Especially to the beach to bathe in the sun, the sun hat is essential, so that you stay away from the harm of the hot sun.


This beach hat belt gives people the feeling of a clean and simple temperament, the large brim is not only anti-sun weapon, but also very clever modification of the face shape, suddenly change the V slap face oh. The most distinctive is the mixed dots design and the silk bow tie on the brim, which sets off the noble elegance of the little woman.


In the hot summer months, sun protection is a must! Large brim, half headspace design, making it more comfortable and breathable to wear, the use of high-quality fabrics, sunscreen at the same time can also show fashion. Velcro makes the hat more fit with the head, and it is not easy to fall off even in windy weather, which is very suitable for riding MM.


Go to the beach to enjoy the sun, there must be such a cool and sun protection hat! The design of the dome and large eaves can not only bring you a strong aura to become the focus of the beach, but also protect your skin from the direct sun. The hat is foldable and easy to carry.


Exquisite printing has always been the favorite element of fashion girls, in this visor hat, we can see different style characteristics, integration of the feeling of flapper, reflecting a pastoral charm. The large edge design protects you from direct sunlight and instantly puts you in the spotlight.


If you like a distinctive straw hat, this is the one. Not that kind of rotten street style, but a very romantic feeling, whether it is a ribbon or a wreath, the whole hat looks not so monotonous, with a Bohemian skirt, you can be elegant out of the street.


It has to be said that the most attractive thing about this hat is the collocation of its inner color and outer edge, revealing the low-key splendor in the noisy city. Retro color, stylish and versatile, wrinkled brim design, light up its elegant place, is a lot of people go out or outdoor travel must oh!


This is a must-have sunscreen for cycling in summer, breathable grid design, do not sulk, and refuse to wear the greasy hat. Adjustable Velcro is very convenient, suitable for various head sizes, wind belt design completely avoid the inconvenience of riding, shade is as simple as that!


Summer will be colorful colors, this sunshade hat has a variety of colors, let you choose, is very beautiful and greasy. Anti-ultraviolet visor to protect skin from sun; Lined with insulation, cool and breathable. After the empty top design, even if the MM grab ponytail, is also very suitable, very practical and convenient!


This beach hat is simply very good, the extended version of the large brim is very small, perfect shade, and is breathable mesh and sweat absorption band, summer wear very breathable. In addition, the hook-type windproof rope is designed in the hat with ulterior motives, and the size can be adjusted freely.


If you want to enjoy the sun and you are afraid of getting a tan, then you need a super wide sun hat! The brim of this hat can almost cover the whole face, which is very sunshade. There is a sweat absorption design inside the cap circumference, and the unique plastic fiber wire is very three-dimensional.